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St Malo

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Arriving from the west your first clues will be a church spire with a water tower to the left of it. Closer in, the headland, marked by a lighthouse with an orange top, becomes more obvious. When you get there give this a reasonable berth and, given half tide or better, head in to the right of it towards the breakwater, making sure you avoid the rocks marked by the black and red Le Loup. As you get closer you will see beyond the Jetée Ouest of the drying Avant Port the perforated outer wall of the Hérel Marina with a red topped white light tower at the end.

When the gate into the marina opens, usually at around HW±3, the depth over the sill is 1.4m, so many yachts will need to leave it a bit closer to HW before entering the marina. The depth is indicated on a sign (“0.0” means the gate is closed). Day by day predictions for opening and closing times of the gate are given on the website of the local yacht club.

Once inside a man in a dinghy will direct you to a vacant berth, otherwise go where you can and report. The marina is large and attractive with good facilities, though as of summer 2008 there was no wifi (“il ne marche pas”, they said with a Gallic shrug).

Granville is an attractive town, especially in its old grey stone quarters set behind ramparts up on the promontory. This was first fortified by the English in 1439, and was later bombarded by them in 1695 and again in 1803 to discourage the locals’ tiresomely successful harassment of English shipping.

Restaurants on the quayside or a short walk away on the rue du Port skirting the Avant Port, of which the best is said to be La Citadelle (34 r du Port, T +33 (0)2 33 50 34 10, book). The centre of town is quickly reached by walking inland along the quayside and then straight on up the rue Clément Desmaisons to the Place de Gaulle for boulangeries and other shops.

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Port Data

Tidally sensitive


Tidal stream
Sets south from around HW+4. Max strength 0.4-1.1 knots.

Tidal differences on standard port
HW 5 mins after HW St Malo

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Local clubs and marinas
Port de Hérel: tel +33 (0)2 33 50 20 06
Yacht Club de Granville: tel +33 (0)2 33 50 04 25



Port de Hérel marina