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Weymouth offers perfect shelter, an attractive town and a useful staging point on passages to and from the South-West. There are no off-lying dangers, once round Portland Bill, but ferries use the port and heed should be paid to traffic signals displayed on the south pier. If there are no signals you can enter and leave freely.

Once inside, proceed past the ferry terminal and into the pretty harbour area. In principle you can find berthing here either in the Cove on the south side for boats up to 10m, or against the pontoon on the north opposite the lifeboat for larger vessels (call Weymouth Harbour on VHF ch12), but in our experience this is not often possible in season and the line of least resistance may be to use the well appointed marina above the bridge. The bridge opens every couple of hours in summer from 0800 to 2000 with a final opening at 2100 (check times) and there is a waiting pontoon just below it on the south side.

Once tucked up in the marina, or having found a berth below the bridge (showers and toilets at HM), there are plenty of hostelries to explore around the harbour where you can enjoy the bustle and the picturesque old buildings. Alternatively take a brisk walk along the beach where the sea-front is laid out in equally attractive but more formal Georgian style.

The well-known beauty spot of Lulworth Cove about 8 miles to the east of Weymouth makes an attractive lunch spot, or even overnight stay in settled weather. Set a waypoint or hug the coast reasonably close inshore to find the entrance and then motor in a little east of centre to make sure of avoiding the submerged rocks off West Point. Drop the hook north of East Point. Leave immediately if onshore winds threaten to rise.

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Port Data

Tidally sensitive


Tidal stream
Sets west from around HW Dover or HW Portland +4 1/2. Max strength 2.6-5.2 kts off Portland Bill.

Tidal differences on standard port
Portland is a standard port.

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Local marinas and clubs
Weymouth Marina: tel +44 (0)1305 767576
Royal Dorset Yacht Club: tel +44 (0)1305 786258
Weymouth Sailing Club: tel +44 (0)1305 785481
Weymouth and Portland Cruising Association

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Yes in marina

Weymouth Harbour